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Marital Satisfaction and the Work-Family Interface: An Overview
Author: Krista J. Brockwood
Type: Encyclopedia entry

IconTopic: Dual-earner; Roles; Wellbeing; Work and Family; Other
Date: 2007

The relationship between the division of housework, sex roles, and marital satisfaction in dual career couples.
Author: Eric Ross Frajerman
Type: Dissertation

IconTopic: Other; Dual-earner
Date: 2002

Work and family
Author: Shelley MacDermid; Ellen Galinsky; James T Bond
Type: Journal special issue

IconTopic: Dual-earner; Alternative Work Arrangements; Time; Other
Date: 2001

Motherhood and the reproduction of gender stratification.
Author: Nancy Lane Latham
Type: Dissertation

IconTopic: Other; Dual-earner; Child Care
Date: 2001

Adolescents' perceptions of coping behaviors and family functioning: A comparison of adolescents of dual-earner and single-earner families.
Author: Simin D Zarrabian
Type: Dissertation

IconTopic: Other; Dual-earner; Children; Fathers/Fatherhood; Mothers/Motherhood; Roles
Date: 2001

Who Supports the Family? Gender and Breadwinning in Dual-Earner Marriages.
Author: Jean L Potuchek
Type: Book

IconTopic: Other; Income; Dual-earner
Date: 1997

The dual-employed coping scales.
Author: HI McCubbin; HI McCubbin; MA Thompson
Type: Chapter in edited volume

IconTopic: Other; Dual-earner
Date: 1991

Patterns of work and family involvement among single- and dual-earner couples.
Author: Sara Yogev; Jeanne Brett
Type: Journal article

IconTopic: Other; Dual-earner
Date: 1985

Interview Schedule for the 1977 Quality of Employment Survey (Sections A, B, and H only. (Appendix A)
Author: Graham L Staines; Joseph H Pleck
Type: Book chapter

IconTopic: Other; Dual-earner; Flexible Work Arrangements/Flexibility
Date: 1983