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Public sector austerity cuts in Britain and the changing discourse of work–life balance
Author: Suzan Lewis; Deirdre Anderson; Clare Lyonette; Nicola Payne; Syephen Wood
Type: Journal article

IconTopic: Alternative Work Arrangements; Culture; Flexible Work Arrangements/Flexibility; Organizations; Other
Date: 2017

Workplace Flexibility: A Process Report on a Change Experiment in Action
Author: Ellen Galinsky; Ken Matos; Kelly Sakai-O'Neill
Type: Paper or report

IconTopic: Community; Corporate; Flexible Work Arrangements/Flexibility; Other
Date: 2013

A model of older workers' intentions to continue working.
Author: Kate Shacklock; Yvonne Brunetto
Type: Journal article

IconTopic: Other; Flexible Work Arrangements/Flexibility
Date: 2011

Workers with Mental Illness: a Practical Guide for Managers
Author: Graeme Innes
Type: Paper or report

IconTopic: Flexible Work Arrangements/Flexibility; Health; Wellbeing; Work Design/Redesign; Other
Date: 2010

Using a multi-organizational database: Research methods, strengths, and limitations.
Author: Janet T Civian; Amy L Richman; Laurie L Shannon; Sandee Shulkin; Robert T Brennan
Type: Journal article

IconTopic: Flexible Work Arrangements/Flexibility; Other
Date: 2008

Statistics Canada: Creating a flexible work environment in a government agency.
Author: Karen Johnson; Jill Casner-Lotto; Linda Duxbury
Type: Chapter in edited volume

IconTopic: Flexible Work Arrangements/Flexibility; Other
Date: 2000

Interview Schedule for the 1977 Quality of Employment Survey (Sections A, B, and H only. (Appendix A)
Author: Graham L Staines; Joseph H Pleck
Type: Book chapter

IconTopic: Other; Dual-earner; Flexible Work Arrangements/Flexibility
Date: 1983

Balancing Jobs and Family Life: Do Flexible Work Schedules Help?
Author: Halcyone H Bohen; Anamaria Viveros-Long
Type: Book

IconTopic: Other; Alternative Work Arrangements; Flexible Work Arrangements/Flexibility
Date: 1981