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2009 Labor Day List: Partnerships That Work (2009)

Sponsor: American Rights at Work Education Fund

“In the American Rights at Work Education Fund's fifth annual Labor Day List: Partnerships that Work, we recognize successful partnerships between employers and their employees’ labor unions that are working well in an uncertain global economy. Employers showcased in this year's report walk the walk when it comes to respecting their own workers’ rights, and now they are going a step further by standing up on behalf of all U.S. workers. Every business profiled herein has spoken out on the need for meaningful labor law reform to ensure men and women have decent opportunities and their rights protected. Through their support of the Employee Free Choice Act, legislation making it easier for workers to choose to form a union, a new generation of visionary employers is laying the foundation for the financial well-being of workers and businesses alike.”

“All Labor Day List employers have demonstrated a commitment to respecting workers’ freedom to choose union representation, and have negotiated good contracts within their employees’ unions. Furthermore, profiled employers excel in at least one of the following key labor standards: Collaborating as equal partners with workers and their unions to craft innovative strategies on compensation, performance, and productivity to meet business goals and address challenges; Providing sustainable wages or progressive increases and worker-friendly benefits; Creating new jobs and implementing employee-retention strategies; Protecting workers’ safety and health; Fostering diversity and inclusion in the workforce; Offering training and professional development opportunities; and Contributing positively to the broader community.”


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