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Best Jobs In America 2009

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“Great pay and superior growth prospects. Work that's meaningful. Those are some of the qualities we looked for when selecting America's best jobs.”

“MONEY and compensation experts started with more than 7,000 jobs and then focused on jobs that the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects will grow 10% or more over the next decade and that require at least a bachelor's degree. Using PayScale's proprietary compensation data, we screened out titles with median pay below $65,000 for experienced workers (at least two to seven years of experience in the field, depending on the job) and fewer than 10,000 positions nationwide (260 jobs). We then eliminated jobs that did poorly during the recession (based on Conference Board data showing growth in online help-wanted ads in 2009), and grouped jobs with similar responsibilities and skills (down to 100 jobs). We used data from and survey in which more than 35,000 workers rated their jobs on quality-of-life factors such as flexibility, stress, and personal satisfaction. We ranked top 50 on current employment, long-term growth, pay, and security (60%); projected openings (15%); and quality-of-life factors (25%). Online package includes data on pay, job growth and quality-of-life factors for the entire top 100, but only the top 50 jobs are ranked. Lastly, we interviewed industry experts and people in each of the professions to further assess its cyclicality, prospects for mobility, and perks and benefits. Selected the top 10 jobs based on these findings.”


Last Updated:
October 2009