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Employees' Choice for Best Places to Work (2010)

Sponsor: Glassdoor

“Glassdoor, a career and workplace community bringing greater transparency to company cultures, compensation and the interview process, today released the 2nd Annual Employees' Choice Awards, listing the top 50 "Best Places to Work," according to surveys collected in 2009 from U.S.-based employees at more than 38,000 companies. Unlike many workplace-related awards that require companies to self nominate, Glassdoor relies solely on the input from employees throughout the year.”

“The Top 50 were selected from more than 37,000 companies reviewed by the nearly 100,000 employees who completed a 20-question survey on in 2009. To be eligible for the list, a company must have had at least all of the following: 25 reviews from United States-based employees between January 1, 2009 and December 1, 2009, "satisfied" ratings overall and across all categories, and a CEO with at least a 50% approval rating. The survey questions relate to employees' attitudes about Career Opportunities, Communication, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Morale, Recognition & Feedback, Senior Leadership, Work/Life Balance, and Fairness & Respect. After the overall ratings are calculated, a company may be excluded from the list if our review panel determines detrimental acts by management or other negative company events could ultimately damage employees' faith in the company's senior leadership and/or adversely affect its overall rating on”


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January 2010