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Top Small Workplaces 2009 (2009)

Sponsor: Winning Workplaces and the Wall Street Journal

“Winning Workplaces and The Wall Street Journal are collaborating to identify exceptional small organizations – private, nonprofit or publicly held – in our third annual ranking of the Top Small Workplaces. We will be selecting small employers that foster teamwork, flexibility, high productivity and innovation while also helping their employees grow personally and professionally, and providing them benefits that improve their lives and communities. Each candidate is a North American organization that is: independent - not a unit of a larger corporation, has no more than $200 million in annual revenues, has 500 or fewer employees, and has been in business at least five years.”

“Last fall, The Wall Street Journal and Winning Workplaces, an Evanston, Ill., nonprofit that helps small and midsize companies improve their workplace practices, began seeking nominations. We asked for no more than 300 words on why each nominated employer should be considered a Top Small Workplace… We received 629 eligible nominations by the Jan. 30 deadline. Each nominee that fit the criteria was then asked to fill out a lengthy application, answering in detail questions about topics such as staff turnover, annual revenue, employee-engagement efforts and training. We received 329 completed applications. Winning Workplaces organized teams of three people—including Winning Workplaces employees—to read over each of the applications. The readers independently reviewed and scored the applications on key topics, including company investment in employees, how the company measures the success of its management practices, employee engagement in the workplace and teamwork. Through this process, 35 applications were selected as finalists.The finalists each provided names of employees, advisers, attorneys, accountants and customers, who were interviewed to give a fuller picture of each company. Their interviews were then added to the applications. Finally, The Wall Street Journal and Winning Workplaces selected an eight-person panel of workplace and small-business experts. Each judge read through about one-third of the finalist applications. The panel met on June 30 in Evanston, Ill., to select the 15 Top Small Workplaces.”


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