Family Friendly Employers

Category: Global

Work/Life Balance - Australia 2009

Sponsor: Diversity@work

“The Diversity@Work Awards recognise and reward the efforts of individuals, teams and organisations who encourage diversity and inclusion in their workplace. The Awards often assist organisations to benchmark their journey, however more importantly the Awards provide an opportunity to showcase their initiatives and learn from other organisations who have made the decision to increase their capacity to have a diverse and inclusive workplace or community.”

“In 2009, there will be three clear judging stages: 1. Judging panels will assess the 2009 nominations against key criteria utilising our Judging Assessment Matrixes. These matrixes will empower Judges with improved capacity to measure the initiatives of the nominees against "real" key deliverables: quality, strategy, measurement, communication, and impact; 2. Nominations and assessments will be forwarded to our External Review Partners for the 2009 Diversity@Work Awards. The review process will help assess the integrity of the project or initiative and will incorporate assessment against agreed matrixes, limited on-site visits and some comprehensive desk-top reviews where appropriate; 3. External review results will be forwarded to the Judging Panels for final selection of category winners. Note: The Diversity@Work Judges are encouraged to make true and "real" assessments of the nominations. Diversity@Work is passionate about maintaining the integrity of the Awards and no Award will be credited if there are no quality applications in any particular category.”


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January 2010