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Best Small Companies to Work for in Canada (2008)

Sponsor: Queen's Centre for Business Venturing

“Queen's Centre for Business Venturing (QCBV) is continuously identifying and examining the factors that are critical to success in Canada's vital small and medium-sized businesses. Its focus is to be the leading and definitive source of knowledge and expertise in the creation, leadership and management of new ventures - increasing their odds of success.”

“…[T]he primary tool that we use to identify an organization's ranking is the Employee Opinion Survey. Two other surveys are utilized in the evaluation process - the HR and Leadership Team Surveys. These provide insight into why an organization's employee engagement score may be high or low. One of the valuable aspects of this is that companies can gain insight into the degree to which leadership's perceptions align with the views of employees. Not only is the knowledge of this important, but even more so is knowing what and how to deal with this finding.”


Last Updated:
August 2008