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Best Green Companies for America’s Children (2010)

Sponsor: Working Mother

“America’s children can breathe easier with these innovators who are paving the way for a cleaner, greener world. Working Mother names companies who are following green paths, implementing recycling programs and reducing their carbon footprints. As busy moms, we may not be willing to commit to composting or walking to work, but we are making changes. Instead of tossing outgrown play clothes, we pass them on. We welcome hand-me-down books and blocks; no scooter will end up in a landfill on our watch. And “paper or plastic” seems an almost quaint option as we stuff milk and eggs into our reusable grocery totes. We reduce, reuse and recycle so that our children inherit a cleaner planet, and we expect the same from the businesses we support. That’s why Working Mother is recognizing companies that have embraced a greener outlook. We applaud these visionaries for incorporating sustainable business practices while also opting to give back through scholarships, donations to schools and support for green social programs.”

Last Updated:
April 2010