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2009 Top 50 Companies for Executive Women (2009)

Sponsor: National Association for Executive Women

“Even as we experience this wondrous first wave for women’s equality, rougher waters threaten many of the gains made at America’s corporations, already knocking from the decks some of the top women at the NAFE Top Companies. Yet never have we needed women’s leadership more than in our fight to right the listing economy. So NAFE continues our annual scrutiny of America’s corporations to reveal how women are doing: we count women in top positions, examine strategies to boost progress, and present best practices for benchmarking. To keep companies’ feet to the fire, we draw particular attention to the small number of women running the business of the business, those with profit-and-loss (P&L) responsibility. We call on companies to track these numbers and take remedial steps to reverse the alarming 19 percent drop in P&L women (Catalyst, 2007). In our economic crisis, women’s talent is a terrible thing to waste. This year, because our applicant pool increased, we have expanded our list and proudly announce the 2009 NAFE Top 50 Companies. That gave us enough companies to incite curiosity about women’s progress across different industries.”


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April 2009