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EOWA Employer of Choice for Women - Australia (2009)

Sponsor: Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency

“Women-friendly, non-government organisations with Equal Opportunity (EO) programs that recognise and advance their female workforce can brand and position themselves in the marketplace as an 'EOWA Employer of Choice for Women' (EOCFW)-This prestigious citation provides significant positioning in a competitive marketplace, particularly when a company is seeking to attract the best possible talent. The 'EOWA Employer of Choice for Women' citation allows organisations to differentiate themselves from their competitors and achieve public acknowledgment of their efforts in the area of equal opportunity for women.”

“To be an EOWA Employer of Choice for Women an organisation needs to be compliant with the EOWW Act and: 1. Have policies in place (across employment matters) that support women across the organisation; 2. Have effective processes (across employment matters) that are transparent; 3. Have strategies in place that support a commitment to fully utilising and developing its people (including women); 4. Educate its employees (including supervisors and managers) on their rights and obligations regarding sex-based harassment; 5. Have an inclusive organisational culture that is championed by the CEO, driven by senior executives and holds line managers accountable; and 6. Deliver improved outcomes for women and the business. EOWA will be considering the six criteria, specifically focusing on improved outcomes for women, particularly in the areas of attracting, growing, promoting and retaining female staff across your organization, and the people management frameworks in place that are supported by an inclusive workplace culture.”


Last Updated:
January 2010