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The 2009 Best Companies for Multicultural Women (2009)

Sponsor: Working Mother

“In 2002, Working Mother Media debuted the Working Mother Best Companies for Multicultural Women. This initiative was launched in direct response to the overwhelming need for companies to understand the expectations, dynamics and deliverables of effective recruitment, retention, training and advancement for multicultural women. Working Mother Best Companies for Multicultural Women celebrates the standards and practices that advance minority women in corporate America. It also raises awareness of the issues pertaining to minority women and encourages the implementation of programs with measurable results in corporate America.”

“Working Mother Media invites all organizations to register at if they meet the following criteria:

  • Must be either a private or public for-profit U.S. company, corporation or autonomous subsidiary of another company
  • Must employ at least 1,000 employees in the United States and generate at least $250 million in U.S. revenues annually.

Each organization must complete a detailed application about the hiring, pay and promotion of multicultural employees. This application, covers both internal and external programs and activities that benefit multicultural women. Completed applications for the 2009 Working Mother Best Companies for Multicultural Women were collected online by DFD Consulting, an independent survey research firm in October 1, 2008, to November 21, 2008.”


Last Updated:
July 2009