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The DiversityInc Top 10 Companies for People With Disabilities List (2010)

Sponsor: DiversityInc

“What makes a company an inclusive and accommodating workplace to attract people with disabilities? We analyzed submissions from the 449 participants in The 2010 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity® for criteria that includes: recruiting programs for people with disabilities; work/life and other accommodation benefits; diversity-awareness training that addresses people with disabilities; employee-resource groups for people with disabilities and/or caregivers; and communications, such as web sites and other materials, that feature employees with disabilities. DiversityInc also held discussions with disability organizations for supplemental information.”

“Surveys are sent out in October to all interested companies that have at least 1,000 employees, with a due date for an online submission in early February. There is no fee to enter and companies that have business relationships with DiversityInc get no preference. Every company that fills out the survey receives a free report card assessing performance in those four areas measured: CEO Commitment, Human Capital, Corporate and Organizational Communications, and Supplier Diversity. The survey consists of more than 200 empirical questions (no subjective or qualitative information), which have predetermined weightings. Ratios between key factors, such as demographics of managers compared with managers who received promotions, play a significant factor in determining point scores. Companies must score above average in all four areas to earn a spot on the list. CEO Commitment is the most heavily weighted area because if a company lacks visible leadership, its diversity-management efforts will fail to be a priority. Companies are measured within their industry classifications. The surveys are spot-checked by our staff and companies can resubmit their surveys if errors are found. We cannot enter data for companies. The final list is reviewed by our editorial leadership without the names of the companies attached, so no favoritism can occur. Any company that does not offer same-sex domestic-partner benefits is automatically disqualified from the DiversityInc Top 50 or any of the 12 specialty lists.”


Last Updated:
May 2010