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Category: Diversity

The Catalyst Award (2010)

Sponsor: Catalyst Inc.

“The Catalyst Award annually honors innovative organizational approaches with proven, measurable results that address the recruitment, development, and advancement of all women, including diverse women.”

“The Catalyst Award Evaluation Committee assesses the initiatives through screening and telephone interviews and determines a select number to examine during intensive, on-site visits. Though interviews and focus groups with executives, senior women, human resources professionals, and other employees at the sites, the Committee gauges each initiative’s effectiveness and how it permeates the organization. It then chooses the winners. Applicants benefit from a third-party perspective on diversity and inclusion efforts. Organizations selected for site visits receive more than 500 hours of review and may request a meeting during which Committee members assess strengths and opportunities for improvement. The Catalyst Award Evaluation Committee measures each nominated initiative on its own merit and against previous Award winners, the current pool of nominees, and the following seven criteria: business rationale, senior leadership support, accountability, communication, employee engagement, innovation, and measurable results.”


Last Updated:
April 2010