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Top 50 Gen Y Companies (2010)

Sponsor: Brazen Careerist

“With the insights from Brazen Careerist and the hard data from Payscale, we have created a Top 50 list that reflects the hopes, dreams and realities of Generation Y and the companies that cater to them.”

“The data were collected between October 15th, 2008 and October 15th, 2009 for full-time employees working in the U.S. who hold at least a bachelor's degree. We focus on the following criteria to determine the Top Companies for Gen Y workers: (1) Start with the PayScale database of over 50,000 Companies and eliminate any company with less than 2500 employees; (2) Next focus on companies with approximately 2000+ bachelor's degree or higher graduates in order to limit the sample to companies that are major employers of bachelor's (or higher) graduates; (3) Pick the 50 companies with the highest score(s), as defined by: percentage of Gen Y employees, median total cash compensation of Gen Y employees, gender balance, and Green score, as determined by”


Last Updated:
January 2010