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The Best Places to Launch a Career (2009)

Sponsor: Business Week

“In a year of layoffs and retrenchment, this year's top-ranked employers were in many ways no different from those that didn't make the cut: virtually all of them are hiring far fewer entry-level employees than they did in 2008. But in other ways they stood out. As a group, they offered some of the top pay and benefits in their industries, the best training programs, and the most significant opportunities for rapid advancement. Here's a detailed look at this year's crop of top employers.”

“To determine which employers are best for entry-level workers, BusinessWeek uses a three-part methodology. First, we surveyed career services directors at U.S. colleges to learn which employers were tops on their lists. We asked those employers to complete a survey on their hiring, pay, benefits, and training programs, which we then compared with others in the same industry. Finally, we obtained from Universum USA, a Philadelphia research company, the results of its 2009 survey of more than 60,000 U.S. undergraduates, who were asked to identify their five most desirable employers. The employer survey counts for 50% of the final ranking, while the career services and student surveys count for 25% each.”


Last Updated:
September 2009