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AARP Best Employers for Workers Over 50 Program (2009)

Sponsor: AARP

“The AARP ‘Best Employers for Workers Over 50’ is an annual recognition program that awards companies and organizations whose best practices and policies for addressing the issues affecting our aging labor force create roadmaps for the workplaces of tomorrow.  Having just finished its ninth year, the program launched in 2001 with the name ‘AARP Best Companies for Workers Over 50.’  In 2002, the name changed to AARP’s ‘Best Employers for Workers Over 50’ to reflect AARP's interest in encouraging applications from a variety of employers from the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Moreover, in order to recognize the important role that government employers play in the U.S. workforce, AARP also opened the program to public employers at the local, state, and federal levels. AARP recognizes that a growing number of U.S. employers are developing progressive policies and practices that are meeting the needs of the country's aging workforce. AARP seeks to share employers' best practices with the business community at large and to promote employment opportunities for older workers.”

“Employers interested in applying for the AARP “Best Employers for Workers Over 50” award must submit a comprehensive application that includes questions about their human resources practices and policies. Because policies that are good for mature workers are often beneficial for all, employers are not required to have programs dedicated exclusively to older employees. However, employers who can demonstrate that their programs are particularly valued by mature workers may receive additional credit during the evaluation process. Areas of consideration include: recruiting practices, opportunities for training, education, and career development, workplace accommodations, alternative work options, such as flexible scheduling, job-sharing, and phased retirement, employee health and pension benefits, and benefits for retirees.”


Last Updated:
September 2009