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  1. The Commodity Frontier; (Arlie Russell Hochschild), 2002
  2. Pick-Up Time at Oakdale Elementary School: Work and Family from the Vantage Points of Children; (Barrie Thorne), 1999
  3. Mothering and Motherhood: A Decade Review; (Teresa Arendell), 1999
  4. Children, Work and Family: Some Thoughts on "Mother Blame"; (Anita Garey and Teresa Arendell), 1999
  5. The Meaning of Food to Kids in Working Families; (Elaine Bell Kaplan), 1999
  6. Sheltering and Shielding Care; (Andrea Altschuler), 1999
  7. Parental Strategies for Increasing Child Well-Being: the Case of Elementary School Choice; (Sally Woodhouse), 1999
  8. Gendered Ideologies and Strategies: The Negotiations of the Household Division of Labor Among Middle-Class South Asian American Families; (Sheba M. George), 1999
  9. Hegemonic Motherhood: Deviancy Discourses and Employed Mothers' Accounts of Out-of-School Time Issues; (Teresa Arendell), 1999
  10. 'I Raised My Kids on the Bus': Transit Shift Workers' Coping Strategies for Parenting; (Blanche Grosswald), 1999
  11. Too Old for Child Care? Too Young for Self-Care?: Negotiations Between Preteens and Their Employed Parents; (M. Rivka Polatnick), 1999
  12. Now Serving Advancement Possibilities: The Time-Pressured Work and Family Lives of Middle-Class Managers of Fast-Food Restaurants; (Julio Juan Cammarota), 1999
  13. Work as Family: The Workplace as Repository of Women's Unmet Emotional Needs; (Ilene Philipson), 2000
  14. The Culture of Concern and Family: Economy Among Working Latino Youth; (Julio Jan Cammarota), 2000
  15. Three Dimensional Families: Public, Private and Social Life Among San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Teenagers and Their Parents; (Christopher Davidson), 2000
  16. 'Soccer Moms' and the New Care Work; (Teresa Arendell), 2000
  17. Cultures of Complaint in Japan and the United States; (Scott North), 2000
  18. The Time Bind and God's Time; (Claude Fischer, Michael Hout, and Nancy Latham), 2000
  19. Contours of Childhood: Social Class Differences in Children's Daily Lives; (Annette Lareau), 2000  Abstract only
  20. The Multiple Meanings of Time Binds: Time as a Window on Solidarity in Five Jewish Families; (Christopher Davidson), 2000
  21. Subcontracting Filial Piety: Elder Care in Dual-Earner Chinese Immigrant Households in the Bay Area; (Pei-Chia Lan), 2001
  22. In Search of Personal Care; (Chris Wellin and Dale Jaffe), 2001  Abstract only
  23. Conscious Decisions, Unconscious Paths: Pregnancy and the Importance of Work for Women in Management; (Lindy Fursman), 2001
  24. Usable Pasts: Caregiving as a Public, Physical Matter; (Marta Gutman), 2001
  25. Seeking and Giving Emotional Care: When is Marriage a Safe Haven for Working Parents?; (Elina O. Alexandrov), 2001
  26. The Struggle to Care: Negotiating Family and Medical Leave Rights in the Workplace; (Catherine Albiston), 2001
  27. Class Contingencies in Networks of Care for School-Aged Children; (Karen V. Hansen), 2001
  28. When Is a Doll More Than a Doll?: Selling Toys as Reassurance for Maternal and Class Anxiety; (Allison J. Pugh), 2001
  29. Universal Programs and Unintended Divisions: A Case Study of After-School Program Legislation; (Anita Ilta Garey), 2001
  30. Among Women: Migrant Domestics and their Taiwanese Employers across Generations; (Pei-Chia Lan), 2001
  31. Friendship Networks and Care; (E. Kay Trimberger), 2001
  32. Adopted Homes for Yesterday's Children: Constructing Care in Oakland, California; (Marta Gutman), 2001
  33. Staging Reciprocity and Mobilizing Networks in Working Families; (Karen V. Hansen), 2001  Abstract only
  34. Ideologies of Motherhood and Experiences of Work: Pregnant Women in Management and Professional Careers; (Lindy Fursman), 2002
  35. Kin-and-Friends as "Shadow Firms" in Silicon Valley: Rethinking Coase and the Nature of the Firm; (Alesia Montgomery), 2002  Abstract only
  36. Engineering Consent: Overwork and Anxiety at a High-Tech Firm; (Ofer Sharone), 2002
  37. Quantity Time: Do Children Want More Time with Their Full-Time Employed Parents?; (M. Rivka Polatnick), 2002
  38. Ideologies of Class, Motherhood, and Work: The Subject of the Working Mother Viewed Through the Lens of Welfare Reform; (Anna C. Korteweg), 2002
  39. From 'Compensation' to 'Childhood Wonder': Why Parents Buy; (Allison J. Pugh), 2002
  40. Project Time in Silicon Valley; (Johanna Shih), 2002
  41. Escape Mechanism: Women, Caretaking, and Compulsive Machine Gambling; (Natasha Dow Schull), 2002
  42. Child Management in Middle-Class Families in the Early Twentieth Century: Reconsidering Fatherhood in a New Context; (Caroline M. Hinkle), 2002
  43. From Filial Piety to Religious Piety: The Immigrant Church Reconstructing Taiwanese Immigrant Families and Parent-Child Relations; (Carolyn Chen), 2002 Abstract only
  44. Facilitating or Resisting: Patterns of Satisfaction and Spousal Attitudes in the Family Life of Highly Educated Workers; (April C. Gilbert), 2002
  45. Changing Fatherhood in the 21st Century: Incentives and Disincentives for Involved Parenting; (Anastasia H. Prokos), 2002
  46. Family-Friendly as a Double-Edged Sword: Lesson from the 'Lactation-Friendly' Workplace; (Orit Avishai Bentovim), 2002
  47. "No Room. No Pay. No Time." Teachers' Work in a Time of Expanding Roles: A Contribution to Overwork Theory; (Lora Bartlett), 2002
  48. Concepts of Care in After-school Programs: Protection, Instruction, and Containment; (Anita Ilta Garey), 2002
  49. He Doesn't Realize That He Has To Be A Parent As Well As Someone Who Brings Home the Money': Boys Talk about Their Parents' Paid and Unpaid Labor; (Cheri Jo Pascoe), 2002
  50. Bringing The Second Shift to Work; (Ilene Philipson), 2002
  51. A Stop at the End of the Bus Line: Nannies, Children, and the Language of Care; (Patricia Baquedano-Lopez), 2002
  52. Scheduling, Worrying, and Stepping Up: Working Parents' Strategies for Providing Care to Middle-School Children; (Elaine Bell Kaplan and Christopher Davidson), 2002
  53. 'Better Than Your Mother': Caring Labor In Luxury Hotels; (Rachel Sherman), 2002
  54. "Religious Conversion as Women's Liberation from the Family: The Case of Taiwanese Immigrant Women"; (Carolyn Chen), 2002  Abstract only
  55. "Ethnic Identity, Bounded Solidarity, and the Formation of Immigrant Networks of Care"; (Johanna Shih), 2002
  56. Under Siege: Construction and Care at the Fannie Wall Children's Home and Day Nursery; (Marta Gutman), 2002
  57. In the Shadow of Columbine: Working Parents Rethink their Strategies for Raising Teenagers; (Elaine Bell Kaplan), 2002  Abstract only
  58. Clock Time versus Story Time: Narrative Dimensions of Care for the Fragile Self; (Chris Wellin and Dale J. Jaffe), 2002  Abstract only


These files are available in "pdf format." You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free to download) to view them.

  1. Care and Freedom; (Uma S. Devi), 2000
  2. Toward a Sociology of (Gendered) Disgust: Perceptions of the Organic Body and the Organization of Care Work; (Lise Isaksen), 2000
  3. Historical, Cultural, and Emotional Meanings: Interviews with Young Girls in Three Generations; (Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen), 2001
  4. Children's Perspectives on the Meaning of Money in Postdivorce Families; (Mette Haugen), 2001

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