Berkeley CWF Recipients of 2002 Graduate Student Research Stipends



[to support projects relating to Center themes;  $2000 each]


Kristel S. Acacio, Department of Sociology.  "The Production and Consumption of Care in the New Global Economy: Migration, Nannies, and Dual-Income Families."

Orit Avishai Bentovim, Department of Sociology.  "Family-Friendly as a Double-edged Sword: The 'Lactation Friendly' Workplace as a Cautionary Tale."

Ellen L. Berg, Department of History.  "Citizens in the Republic of Childhood: Immigrants and the Free Kindergarten, 1880-1920."

Natalie Boero, Department of Sociology.  "Fat Kids, Working Moms, and the 'Epidemic of Obesity': Race, Class, and Mother-Blame."

Christine Carter, Department of Sociology.  "Someone to Talk To: How the Minimized Family Affects the Well-being of Children."

Rachel Hope Cleves, Department of History.  "Childrearing and the Formation of an Ethic of Non-Violence in the early Republic."

Terry C. Chi, Department of Psychology.  "Effects of Maternal Depression on Reports of Child Psychopathology and Mother-Child Relationship: Does It Matter? How Does It happen? For Whom Does It Happen?"

Elizabeth Drogin, Department of Sociology.  "Strategizing Care in Adulthood: An Analysis of the Postponement of Marriage and Family Formation among Middle-Class, Young Adults."

Roberta Espinoza, Department of Sociology.  "Latina Doctoral Graduate Students: Perspectives on Work-Family Obligations and Reciprocities."

Lindy Fursman, Department of Sociology [also a CWF pre-doc].  "Expecting Labour? Pregnant Women in the Corporate Workplace."

Emily Gerber, Department of Psychology.  "Predictors of Teacher Caregiving in Center-based Child Care."

Caroline M. Hinkle, Department of History [also a CWF pre-doc]  "Child Management in Middle-Class Families in the Early 20th Century: Reconsidering Fatherhood in a New Context."

Anna C. Korteweg, Department of Sociology [also a CWF pre-doc]  "Ideologies of Class, Motherhood, and Work: The Subject of the Working Mother Viewed Through the Lens of Welfare Reform."

Laura Mihailoff, Department of History  "Protecting Our Children: A History of the California Youth Authority and Juvenile Delinquency, 1938-1978."

Alesia Montgomery, Department of Sociology [also a CWF pre-doc]  "Help Wanted: Family and Friends as 'Reserve Labor' in Silicon Valley."

Jon Norman, Department of Sociology  "How Do Federal Housing Policies encourage Traditional Family Forms and Gender Roles?"

Scott North, Department of Sociology [also a CWF pre-doc]  "Between Motherhood and the Market: Family Work in Twin-Career Middle-Class Marriages."

Cheri Jo Pascoe, Department of Sociology [also a CWF pre-doc] ''He doesn't realize that he has to be the parent as well as someone who brings home the money: Boys Talk About their Parents' Paid and Unpaid Labor."

Allison Pugh, Department of Sociology [also a CWF pre-doc]  "Caring Consumption: Negotiated Meanings of Childrearing and the Market."

Lynn May Rivas, Department of Sociology  "A Dispute About Care: Deconstructing a Coalition Between Caregivers and Care Receivers."

Ofer Sharone, Department of Sociology  "Mapping Overwork: Who Works Long Hours and Why."

Tack-Jin Shin, Department of Sociology  "Perception of Fairness in the Division of Household Labor: Gendered Task Segregation and the 'Going Rate' for Husbands' Participation."

Cinzia Solari, Department of Sociology  "Professionals and Saints: How Russian Immigrants Do Home Care Work."

Ana Villa-Lobos, Department of Sociology.  "The Child Time Bind: Overscheduling Among Middle-Class Youth."

Erin Winkler, Department of African American Studies  "Agency in the Face of Oppression: The Role of Families in the Racial Socialization of Black Children in the United States."

Yoko Yamamoto, Graduate School of Education (Ph.D. Program in Human Development)  "The Silent Contract: The Culture of Mothering in Japan and the United States."

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