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During the last four years the Center for Working Families has actively encouraged efforts to bring scholarly research to broader audiences. Arlie Hochschild's contributions were recognized  in 2000 when she was given the American Sociological Association Award for Furthering Public Understanding of Sociology.  She gave a plenary speech, "A New Deal for Working Families," at the April 2002 meeting of the Democratic Leadership Council; a plenary speech on family-friendly policies at the 2002 World Academic Forum; and, in August 2000, an invited talk on ideas from The Time Bind, at a conference on Modernities and Time at Castelgandolfo, Italy, with Pope John Paul in attendance. During the past year Hochschild has consulted with Al Gore about family issues and policies (she read and commented on the manuscript of a forthcoming [Nov. 2002] book on families, Joined at the Heart, by Al and Tipper Gore). Hochschild has published articles on work-family issues in popular magazines: Atlantic Monthly, O Magazine (The Magazine of Oprah Winfrey) and American Prospect (two articles, including a cover story, "Global Nanny Chains"); and four Op Eds in the New York Times.

Strategies for bridging from academic to more popular writing were  a recurring topic of discussion in Center for Working Families workshops and other forums.  Deirdre English, a  faculty member from the School of Journalism, gave two lengthy and well-attended workshops on writing for a popular audience. In fall 2001 the Center joined the School of Journalism in bringing Barbara Ehrenreich to campus for a month of teaching and consulting. She presented and participated in CWF workshops and also worked with sociology graduate students gathering data on the daily lives and strategies of survival of low-wage workers at UC Berkeley.

Other fruits of our effort to reach broader publics include Affiliated Scholar Ilene Philipson's trade press book, Married to the Job (and a fall 2002 line-up of media appearances); and Affiliated Scholar Kay Trimberger's San Jose Mercury News Op Ed on proposed California state paid family leave legislation. As detailed in our annual reports, CWF researchers and projects have been cited many times in the print and radio media. Bonnie Kwan, our administrative coordinator, regularly fielded calls from the media, making referrals to our network of experts; and our website, as of September 2002, had over 26,000 "hits." Barrie Thorne is one of the founders of and has been active in the Council on Contemporary Families, an organization which seeks to bring accurate information about U.S. families to media attention. During the past year she and Kay Trimberger worked with Netsy Firestein and the Paid Family Leave Coalition to promote new California legislation that will expand the state disability fund to cover six-week leaves to care for new babies or sick family members (a modified version of the original legislation was signed by the Governor in fall 2002). Jim Stockinger, a part-time Lecturer in Sociology and a worker in the university's child care facility, is a leader in the state-wide Worthy Wage campaign, which seeks to raise the low wages of careworkers. Former CWF post-doctoral researcher, Karen Hansen, is active in Working Families Massachusetts, a new organization cultivating dialogue between labor activists around the state and academics interested in work-family issues.


The Berkeley Center for Working Families

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