Berkeley CWF Scholarly Contributions





The Berkeley Center for Working Families expanded the horizons of research on paid work and family life through conceptual and empirical contributions to three, relatively new cross-disciplinary areas of knowledge -- the study of care; research on the social organization of time; and the cross-disciplinary study of childhoods. We left an imprint on knowledge not only through Working Papers and a growing list of publications, but also by organizing two national conferences ("Work and Family: Expanding the Horizons," March 2000 in San Francisco, sponsored by CWF, the Business and Professional Women's Foundation and the Sloan Foundation) and "Designing Modern Childhoods: Landscapes, Buildings and Material Cultures." May 2002 in Berkeley). We also collaborated with the University of Bergen Center for Women's and Gender Research in organizing a small working conference of Scandinavian, British, and U.S. researchers: "Globalization, Individualization, and Changes in Cultures of Care." September 2001 in Bergen, Norway.