Sloan Network Archive on new Work and Family Researchers Network site

By Judi Casey

As you know, the Sloan Network is transitioning to the new Work and Family Researchers Network.  We know that many of you are interested in continued access to the resources previously provided by the Sloan Work and Family Research Network. I wanted to reassure you that we have done our best to archive the most popular content from the Sloan Network on the new website.

Here’s what the Archive will contain.

  • Blog Entries from this Work and Family blog (over 500 posts)
  • Encyclopedia Entries (will be located in the new open access repository, Work and Family Commons)
  • Glossary terms
  • International Corner reports from the Network News
  • Links to work and family websites
  • Literature Database citations (will be located in the new open access repository, Work and Family Commons)
  • Network News
  • Policy Resources
  • Bills & Statutes
  • Bills by Theme
  • Policy Briefs
  • Statutes by Theme
  • Statistics or Fact Sheets
  • Teaching Resources
  • Additional Teaching Resources
  • Syllabi
  • Teaching Activities
  • Teaching Modules
  • Workshop & Class Activities
  • Topic Pages
  • Who’s Who
  • Workplace Resources
  • Effective Workplace Series
  • Family-Friendly Employers
  • The Wharton Work/Life Integration Project Case Studies
  • Workplace Flexibility Case Studies

We will launch Stage 1 of our new website in September 2011.  At that time, you will be able to create a login, view and post to our News Feed and Calendar as well as access the Sloan Network archive.  In addition, you can sign-up to become a member of WFRN. Later this fall during Stage 2 of our launch, you will be able to view and deposit materials to our subject-matter open access repository, the Work and Family Commons.  You will continue to have access to the Sloan Network website until the full launch and then the Sloan Network will close.

We anticipate that you will find that the WFRN website has new features for information sharing and research dissemination in addition to the excellent content that you’ve enjoyed in the past.