Glossary of "V"

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"An employee agrees to work an annual number of hours, typically at less than full-time. However, the hours are scheduled throughout the year in such a way that some weeks might require 45 or more...
"The [fourth] model is the valued care model and includes Denmark, Finland, and Sweden, with Sweden ranking as the most progressive. The governments of these countries are strongly supportive of male...
"Refers to employee’s freedom to vary hours from day-to-day and week-to-week, without prior approval from supervisor.  The greater the variability and the less need for prior approval, of course...
"While the work place is hedged about with various symbolic boundary markers, policing the distinction between work and the family, management and workers often make efforts to present the labor...
“consist of team members who are geographically dispersed and who come together by way of telecommunications technology (e.g. video conferencing). Each team member may be located in a traditional...
“Virtual work, whereby individuals work from home, “on the road,” or otherwise outside of traditional, centralized offices, is an important and growing phenomenon (Wiesenfeld & Garud, 2001).”...
“Giving time, energies, or talents to any individual or group for which [the individual] is not paid."