Glossary of "N"

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“Founded in 1950, NCOA is a nonprofit organization of professionals providing service to older persons. It offers policy and legislative advocacy as well as professional development, research, and...
Spillover refers to impacts caused in one sphere (e.g., work) but experienced in another (e.g. family). Spillover effects can be positive or negative (Schor).
“This type of work arrangement with variable hours has an advantage for the parent in that there is a chance to organize one’s professional timetable according to family constraints” (Le Bihan &...
“essentially identical to a satellite office with one major difference: the neighborhood work center houses more than one company’s employees” (Kurland & Bailey, 1999, p. 55).
"Despite the rising number of women in the workforce, men's hours on the job and women's hours at home continue to perpetuate a neo-traditional division of labor for most dual-earner couples (Moen...
"Workers' preferences determine the quantity of hours." (Schor). "Concerns itself primarily with the allocation of resources and goods in the economy, above all through the operation of markets...
“Phrase coined to designate elder caregivers who work outside the home because they have two jobs: one in the workplace, and one at home, caring for older family members.”
“If this is full-time, most commonly 1800 - 0600, and usually continuing after midnight. This category is used only for permanent night work” (Hurrell, 2003, no page).
“[T]he 9/80 work week…occurs over a 2-week period as follows: employees work eight 9-hour days in a 2-week period, one 8-hour day and then receive one “free” day off every other week.” (United States...
“Career paths that allow employees to take long periods of time out from work without hurting their chances for advancement” (FlexPaths).
“In many cases working hours follow a well-defined schedule, which can be changed only in exceptional circumstances (child sick, unexpected family event, etc. In situations with non-negotiable...
Students who possess one or more of several characteristics, including delayed enrollment, part-time student status, full-time employment, financial independence, responsibility for dependents, and...
Counties which are not metropolitan or metro.  To be classified as metropolitan by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, a county must have an urban core of 50,000 or more in population, and...
“Those who work nonstandard days are defined as working on Saturdays and/or Sundays” (Presser, 2003, p. 417).
“...nonstandard is often defined as either part-time work, temporary and on-call work, contract work, and self-employment (e.g. Kalleberg, et al., 1997), ignoring shift work entirely…I define persons...
"A initiative for connecting elders to community-based eldercare services while remaining in their own homes and staying connected to neighbors and community institutions. A NORC connects elders to...
Researchers generally agree there are three "foci" used to classify types of organizational commitment. The three types of commitment are affective, continuous, and normative commitment...[N]ormative...
Strictly, a nuclear or elementary or conjugal family consists merely of parents and children, though it often includes one or two other relatives as well, for example, a widowed parent or unmarried...