Glossary of "F"

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“…the employee work[s] always the same shift, in the morning, afternoon or night” (Le Bihan & Martin, 2004, p. 567).
"Flex-leaves encompass unanticipated and unplanned time off during the workday to address personal and family issues (e.g., caring for a sick child) as well as planned leaves, including vacation and...
"The malleability of the boundary between two or more role/domains-its ability to expand or contract-to accommodate the demands of one domain or another" (Desrochers & Sargent). "Applied to work...
“A situation in which the standards for achieving advancement—for example, making partner or becoming tenured—are not connected to the amount of time it takes to meet these standards” (FlexPaths).
“We define flexible benefit plans as those that offer employees a choice between qualified (nontaxable) benefits and cash (Beam & McFadden, 1996). A plan that does not offer a cash option- for...
"Flexible Working Hours involve a continuous choice on behalf of employers, employees or both, regarding the amount (chronometry) and the temporal distribution (chronology) or working hours” (Janssen...
Flexplace is an alternate method of meeting the needs of the employer and employee by allowing the employee to work away from the regular office. (Barnett)
"A work schedule in which employees can use their own discretion as to the time on the job as long as they complete the specified number of hours within a work period (that is, one month, one week,...
“A situation in which flexibility is negotiated in advance and used on a regular basis. This can mean working four days in the office and then working from home on the fifth day or other combinations...
"Formal volunteering is assistance provided through organizations, either mutual-benefit associations in which the beneficiary is the membership (e.g., professional and union groups) or community-...
“The forward rotating shift begins on days, moves to evenings and then to nights” (Oexman, Knotts, & Koch, 2002, p. 152).
The loyalty that was inherent to the contract of the 1960s and prior is significantly diminished in the revised psychological contract. Employers view employees as “free agents responsible for their...
"Full-time equivalent employment is the number of full-time equivalent jobs, defined as total hours worked divided by average annual hours worked in full-time jobs." (United Nations)