What are Special Interest Groups?

WFRN has rapidly grown into a large and heterogeneous organization, with membership spanning many, disciplines, countries, and areas of interest. As a result, a number of members have suggested forming smaller communities within WFRN to facilitate conversations and information-sharing among researchers and scholars with shared substantive concerns.  This effort is intended to promote regular connections among WFRN members in-between conferences.  Special Interest Groups (SIGs) enable WFRN members to share information, network, collaborate, write "research spotlight" reports, and organize sessions for the next WFRN conference. These groups may evolve in the direction of the SIGs of the Academy of Management and the “Sections” of the American Sociological Association.

In 2014, the WFRN Communications Committee, under the leadership of Kathryn Fonner, conducted a survey of WFRN members to gauge interest in the formation of Special Interest Groups. Response to the survey was strong: considerable interest was expressed in more than a dozen diverse topic areas.

General organizing guidelines for the Special Interest Groups can be accessed here.  Each SIG has a coordinator or a team of coordinators, and each active group has adopted a mission statement. Each SIG will communicate in a way that seems convenient, natural, and efficient for participants. Members of WFRN may join as many SIGs as they would like. Members may add or drop SIG affiliation at any time. There is currently no fee for SIG membership, but those participating are expected to keep their WFRN membership current.

A list of all currently active SIGs is available here.  Each SIG description provides the name(s) and contact information of the coordinator(s).  If you are interested in joining one or more of the groups, please contact the coordinator(s) for more details.