Submit/Deposit to WFC


1. Preliminary Steps (Getting Started)

  • To submit material to WFC, you must have a WFRN account/login.
  • If you have not already created an account (login), click here.
  • Once you have created an account, read below on how to proceed with your submission.


2. Depositing Your Material (Preparing to Submit)

To deposit your submission (e.g., article, paper), you will need to:

  • Review the Copyright Guidelines and Repository Policies to determine if your work is permissible and appropriate for WFC.
  • Provide information about your submission.
  • Provide contact information about yourself and any co-authors.
  • Provide a brief abstract of your deposit.
  • Create a cover sheet for your submission so readers will be able to cite it or contact you.
  • Locate the appropriate version of your document and convert it to a PDF (if it is not already a PDF).
  • Read the Submission Agreement. You will check a box on the Submission Form to verify that you accept the agreement.


3. Uploading Your Deposit (Final Steps)

Once you have followed the steps in depositing your material:

  • Upload your PDF to WFC.
  • Your submission will be queued for posting. You may check your Personal Profile to determine when your article is publicly available by going to My Account or My WFC Submissions (on the left sidebar under your name when logged in).
  • You may deposit another paper by repeating the steps above.

More information can be found at FAQ.

Ready to deposit your submission - Continue to the Submission Form (login required).