Special Interest Group on Technology, Work and Family


  • To collaborate so as to develop new research and enhance knowledge on the impact of technology on work-life issues (i.e., share findings, insights, experience, and information such as call for papers, funding opportunities, etc.).
  • To provide employees with practical tactics and strategies for managing work-life issues and technology.
  • To provide organizations and managers with effective strategies for managing the impact of technology on employees’ work-life balance.
  • To work towards influencing policy-makers and governments to support the development of practices geared towards creating family-friendly workplaces in a technology-driven, global environment.
  • To work with educational institutions to highlight the importance of creating learning communities and centers, as well as make curriculum changes to educate future managers about the important role of technology at the workplace and the implementation of work-life friendly practices in the current work environment.
  • To collaborate so as to disseminate our research findings widely and increase our impact in academia, policy, and practice.


Chair: Ariane Ollier-Malaterre, Ph.D.
Professor of Management
Organisation and Human Resources Department
School of Management, Université du Québec à Montréal

Chair-Elect: Kaumudi Misra, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Management College of Business and Economics
California State University East Bay
Hayward, California

Secretary: Angela R. Grotto, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing
Manhattan College

Webmaster: Alexandra Beauregard, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Employment Relations and Organizational Behaviour
Department of Management
London School of Economics