Special Interest Group on Organizational Work-Life Policy: Structures and Outcomes


Our mission is to unite researchers and practitioners with interest, experience, and expertise in the area of organizational work-life policy, its structure and outcomes. Specifically, we focus on organizational efforts that help workers reconcile their personal and work responsibilities. We aim to facilitate the creation and sharing of ideas and the development of research partnerships, and to drive organizational policy change.


  • Provide a forum to share current research in the area of organizational work-life policy from multiple disciplines.
  • Encourage rigorous research in the area of organizational work-life policies.
  • Provide a venue for researchers and practitioners to learn from each other’s experience and expertise, and to allow learnings from these diverse backgrounds to inform members’ unique interests.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration among researchers with interests in organizational work-life policies.
  • Propose panels and workshops for WFRN conferences that will move forward research and activity on organizational work-life policies.
  • Seek out avenues for researchers and practitioners to drive positive change in organizational work-life policies, both through publication of significant research and through the experiences of practitioners within organizations.
  • Create a sense of community among WFRN members who share interest in organizational work-life policies. 

Leadership & Group Meetings

  • This group meets at the biennial conference of the Work and Family Researchers Network.
  • The group was co-founded and is currently led by Lindsey Trimble O’Connor, California State University, Channel Islands, and Lori L. Wadsworth, Brigham Young University.


Co-Chair: Lindsey Trimble O’Connor, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Sociology
California State University, Channel Islands
Co-Chair: Lori L. Wadsworth, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Romney Institute of Public Management
Brigham Young University