Special Interest Group on Cross-Country Comparisons


The aim of this special interest group is to bring together researchers and practitioners to foster a better understanding of work and family through cross-country comparisons.


  • To bring together researchers and practitioners to share knowledge and expertise with the intent of fostering better understanding of cross-national issues pertaining to work and family.
  • To share research findings based on cross-national comparisons of work-family issues.
  • To foster an exchange of knowledge about the impact of national culture and policies on work and family life.
  • To promote best practices in conducting cross-national work-family research.
  • To produce research that accurately reflects, and is targeted at improving, the work/life experience of people in different parts of the world.
  • To work together to influence governments, service providers, and employers to develop policies and practices that will improve the well-being of workers and their families world-wide.

Group Meetings

The group meets at the biennial Work and Family Researchers Network Conference. The initial meeting will be at the WFRN conference in 2016.  At that time, the interest group description and objectives will be discussed and voted upon, officers will be elected, and bylaws will be considered.


A panel or workshop is planned for inclusion in the WFRN conference program.  In addition, we may organize a get together over dinner at a local restaurant.  We welcome other suggestions for group activities.


Chair: Clarice Santos, clarice.santos@coppead.ufrj.br
Communications Director: Maggie Wan, minwan@txstate.edu