Research Spotlight Series

The WFRN Committee to Connect Research, Policy and Practice is delighted to share our Research Spotlight Series.  The Research Spotlight series is designed to be highly practitioner-oriented with a focus on the implications of the research for organizations, individuals, communities, and fellow researchers.  The goal is for the spotlights to be concise, provocative, and targeted at how the findings can be applied.  More information about participating in the Research Spotlight Series is available here. Please contact committee member Lisa Levey ( with any questions.

November 2017

Professional Women’s Identity Work Across Career and Family Transitions

An Interview with Christine Bataille

By Carrie Oelberger

June 2017


  Community Resources & Work-Family Conflict: Is the Gender Gap Really Closing?Icon

  An interview with Marisa Young

  By Christine D. Bataille 



May 2015


  Gender Bias against Women of Color in Science Icon

  An interview with Joan Williams 

  By Lisa Levey


November 2014

Ellen Kossek



Creating the Sustainable Workplace Icon

An interview with Ellen Kossek 

By Emily Zuckerman and Lisa Stewart


May 2014


Perceived Family Responsibility Discrimination: A Growing Concern  Icon

An interview with Lindsey Trimble O’Connor

By Lisa Stewart and Emily Zuckerman


February 2014

Uthpala Senarathne Tennakoon   

Modern Day Communication Technology: Empowerment or Enslavement?  Icon

An interview with Uthpala Senarathne Tennakoon

By Lisa Levey and Karen Murphy


November 2013

Julie Wayne

Russell Mathews

  Why Spousal Attitudes Matter  Icon

  An interview with Julie Wayne and Russell Matthews

  By Lisa Levey and Karen Murphy