The Real Savings from Employer-Sponsored Child Care: Investment Impact Study Results (2005)

Bright Horizons, Inc. (2005). The real savings from employer-sponsored child care: Investment impact study results. Watertown, MA: Author.

“Organizations are saving millions of dollars by sponsoring child care centers, according to findings from the new Investment Impact Study by the Bright Horizons Family Solutions Consulting Practice. One of the main findings of the study was the voluntary turnover of center users was nearly one-half that of voluntary turnover among the total workforces of participating organizations…. The organizations that participated in the study represent a variety of industries, geographic areas and workforce size, and include: Abbott Laboratories, Bank of America, Centra State Hospital, Chick-fil-A, Georgia-Pacific, Household International, New-York-Presbyterian Hospital, and Staples. The study tracked the correlation of the child care center in 2002 with the retention of employees across the organization, retention of high performers, and the advancement of women within these organizations.”

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