Work-Life in Russia

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Work-Life in Russia
Boston College Center for Work & Family

Russia, as the largest country in the world, positions itself to emerge as a global economic power. Work-Life in Russia explores the historical and cultural contexts and demographic, legal, and economic trends in Russia that impact the nature of work and the employer-employee relationship.  Employers seeking to distinguish themselves as employers of choice will need a better understanding of the dynamics between work and personal lives.

With quotations and recommendations from professionals at corporate partners of the Boston College Center for Work & Family and other global organizations including Bayer, FM Global, Sanofi-Aventis, Dell, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Foods, Lek, Protek, Sandoz, Vimm-Bill-Dann, Vympelcom, and Yandex the briefing gives insight into strategic issues organizations might consider when working in Russia or in partnership with Russian companies.