New CW&F Issue Available Online for WFRN Members

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New CW&F Issue Available Online for WFRN Members
Community, Work & Family Journal
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The new issue of  the Community, Work & Family journal on "Missing Voices on Meaningful Relationships in Time and Space" (Volume 20, Issue 1, February 2017) is now available online here. Please note that you must be a member of WFRN and logged on to the WFRN website to access the issue.

This new issue contains the following articles: 

Missing Voices on Meaningful Relationships in Time and Space
Jean-Charles E. Languilaire, Tuija Muhonen, Hanne Berthelsen, Peter Håkansson, Jonas Lundsten & Hope Witmer

Exploring the Depths of Gender, Parenting and ‘Work’: Critical Discursive Psychology and the ‘Missing Voices’ of Involved Fatherhood
Abigail Locke & Gemma Yarwood

Individualized, Non-transferable Parental Leave for European fathers: Migrant Perspectives
Elin Kvande & Berit Brandth

Poking a Sleeping Bear: The Challenge of Organizational Recruitment for Controversial Topics
Rachael N. Pettigrew & Karen A. Duncan

Manager Attitudes Concerning Flexible Work Arrangements: Fixed or Changeable?
Stephen Sweet, Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes & Jacquelyn Boone James

Global Boundary Work Tactics: Managing Work and Family Transitions in a 24–7 Global Context
Pamela Lirio

Research Note
Cross-national Work–life Research: Common Misconceptions and Pervasive Challenges
Ariane Ollier-Malaterre

LGBT Voices in Work-life: A Call for Research and a Research Community
Jean-Charles E. Languilaire & Neil Carey

Socially Just and Inclusive Education
Nick Hodge

Book Review
Worklife Balance: The Agency and Capabilities Gap
Anne Bardoel

Thanking Our 2016 Peer Reviewers