Call for Proposals, 2013 CUWFA Conference

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Call for Papers
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Call for Proposals, 2013 CUWFA Conference

Call for Proposals

We are seeking proposals for presentations that address innovative developments, best practices, and the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to enable work/life program administrators to integrate their programs into high education to produce organizational change and advance their mission.

Submissions due January 25, 2013

About the Theme

This year's conference theme "Building Bridges: Sharing Pathways to Work/Life Progress" is an appropriate title for the 19th Annual CUWFA Conference as it not only acknowledges the conference will be held outside of the United States for the first time but also highlights a renewed focus on progress that can be made when using a collaborative and shared approach to some of the most pressing issues and future opportunities we are wrestling with in Work/Life.

Continued progress towards work-life integration through tough times requires new work structures, more creative pathways to follow, and stronger networks. More complex challenges face us now as issues such as mass retirement, diversity, technology and globalization change the work-life landscape again. This conference aims to help us revise our vision for work/life as we consider structural changes, new partnerships, and best practices in unpredictable times.

Work-life professionals' strengths in sharing knowledge, strategies, experiences, and best practices, combined with the best researchers and thought leaders will continue to propel us forward despite all the challenges. CUWFA 2013 in Toronto will showcase the best and the brightest minds and research in work-life offering new ideas for upcoming challenges.