Announcing the WFRN Awards for Leaders and Legacies

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Announcing the WFRN Awards for Leaders and Legacies

Announcing the WFRN Awards for Leaders and Legacies

With the support of the Awards Steering Committee and the WFRN Executive Committee, we are pleased to announce the establishment of three new awards that will recognize the “Leaders Among Us” and the “Legacies We Are Building”.  These awards are just one more indicator of the strength of the WFRN community and the efforts of the Network to support a generative approach to scholarship.

The new awards have been named after three of WFRN’s prominent leaders.

The Kathleen Christensen Dissertation Award:  This award will recognize a doctoral candidate/recent graduate of a doctoral program who has already made a significant contribution to the work and family knowledge base.  The Kathleen Christensen Award has been created to encourage doctoral candidates/ early career scholars to reach for/achieve high and rigorous standards of research relevant to the work and family area of study. It will provide financial support that would help a promising work-family scholar to initiate post-dissertation research. 

The Ellen Galinsky Generative Researcher Award:  This award will recognize a researcher who has contributed “break-through” thinking to the work-family field of study with theory, measures, and/or data sets from innovative studies.  The Ellen Galinsky award has been created to encourage a generative orientation toward work and family research that transcends collaboration.  In the spirit of “openscience,” this award will foster the sharing of instruments and data sets among work and family researchers.

The Suzan Lewis Best Conference Paper Award:  This award will recognize the author(s) of an original paper identified as the “best conference paper”.  The Suzan Lewis Award will help to create (and recreate) excitement at each conference about papers that are innovative and have the potential to “move the field” forward.  

These three new awards will join the existing Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award, a collaborative initiative of the Purdue Center for Families and the Boston College Center for Work & Family. Each year, the Kanter Award reviews articles relevant to work and family issues that have been published in peer review journals during the previous year to identify the “best of the best”.

How are we moving forward?

First, we are planning a special plenary session for the 2018 conference during which we will celebrate the generative leadership of Kathleen Christensen, Ellen Galinsky, Suzan Lewis, and Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth.  We hope you will join us for this very special session.

Secondly, we are inviting you to become one of the founding supporters of these awards.  If you wish, you will be recognized as a founding supporter at the 2018 conference.

We want to raise $50,000 by May 30 so that we can start to generate resources for the awards in a sustainable fashion. 

How might you help?

(1)  If you are able, individual contributions in any amount will be appreciated.  Please click on this link to make a donation on our secured web page. 

(2) You may have connections with organizations that might be interested in making a donation, or matching your donation. It’s possible that your department, school or university might want to be recognized as supporting this important awards initiative. Please feel free to contact either Jerry Jacobs (, Kay Dowgun (, or Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes ( if you would like some help as you think through the strategies and logistics of asking for a contribution.

With appreciation for your support,

Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes                                                                                                                                        Co-President, WFRN