Join a WFRN Committee!

We encourage you to join a WFRN committee!

Committee to Connect Research, Policy, and Practice

  • Co-Chair: Heidi Hartmann, Institute for Women's Policy Research (
  • Co-Chair: Jennifer Kohler, Google (

Mission: The mission of the Work Family Researchers Network's Committee to Connect Research, Policy, and Practice is to facilitate dialogue and information exchange among academic researchers and broader audiences, all of whom benefit from having access to the most recent and relevant work and family research, policy and practice.

Communications Committee

  • Chair: Kathryn Fonner, Oregon Health & Science University (

Mission: The Communications Committee will foster connections among members by promoting dialogue using a variety of tools on many platforms.

International Committee

  • Chair: Suzan Lewis, Middlesex University (

Mission: WFRN International Committee's core mission is to encourage, support and promote the advancement of international contributions to global work and family research. Representing a diverse range of countries, the Committee aims to provide a platform for facilitating cultural awareness, knowledge exchange and comparative research.

Membership Committee

  • Chair: Krista Lynn Minnotte, University of North Dakota (

Mission: The mission of the WFRN membership committee is to maintain a strong membership base for the Work and Family Researchers Network. To this end, our efforts are focused on recruiting new members, welcoming new members, and retaining existing members.

Repository Committee
(Work and Family Commons, WFC):

  • Chair: Noelle Chesley, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (

Mission: The central mission of the WFRN Repository committee is to (a.) encourage the membership to contribute scholarly writings (e.g. working, conference, and published research papers) to the Work and Family Commons, and (b.) to facilitate the dissemination of the Commons content within and outside the WRFN.