Global Work and Family Issues in Emerging Economies


The aim of this special interest group is to research families and work in the context (local and global) of emerging economies of Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.  


  • To explore work systems and worker identity in emerging economies.
  • To understand the changing nature of work and family and its local contexts in under-researched societies.
  • To examine the social and cultural norms surrounding livelihoods and their impact on working individuals, families, and groups.
  • To engage with intersectionalities (gender, race/ethnicity, class, age, and nationality, occupations, incomes, labor laws, work systems) and other locally and globally relevant categories, groupings, and variables.
  • To build local-cultural relevance informed by different countries into policy surrounding work and family issues.
  • To influence policy through organizational and policy-based advocacy globally and locally.

Group Meetings

The group meets at the biennial Work and Family Researchers Network Conference. The initial meeting was at the WFRN conference in 2016.  At that time, the mission of the group was discussed, following which the objectives were finalized through email communication. 

We will visit group bylaws and other details at our next gathering.

Group Activities

We plan to submit a panel for inclusion in the 2018 WFRN conference program. We will also have a listserv to share resource materials and other information in our SIG's research area.  In addition, we might organize a dinner or other social event at the next gathering as an informal group meeting.  We welcome suggestions for other group activities.

Group Organizers

Shweta Singh, Loyola University Chicago;  (Chair)

Bhavani Arabandi, Rice University;  (Member)
Ameeta Jaga, University of Cape Town;  (Member)
Ana Šimunić, University of Zadar;  (Member)
Lalitha Urs, University of Minnesota;  (Member)