Why would a scholar, academic, researcher or author want to make his or her work open access?

Open access content reaches the broadest possible audience by eliminating the price and permission barriers of subscription-based journals. Scholars and researchers at institutions without journal subscriptions and interested individuals outside the academy have immediate access to your work. With a broader audience and no access delays, your research has the potential for the greatest impact. Although the new WFRN is geared toward academics, we hope to reach a broader audience of students, researchers, journalists, policy analysts, workplace practitioners and others with an interest in work and family issues who may not have ready access to a well-funded university library or may not be able to afford journal subscriptions.

Want to know how you can share the latest research with the global work and family community?  Read the blog, The Why and How of Contributing Content to the WFRN written by Repository Commitee Chair, Noelle Chesley.