What happens to my paper's copyright? Do I need to get publisher permission to submit to WFC?

You need to know the copyright status of your work before submitting it. If the copyright belongs to you, you keep it. If you share the copyright with other authors, check with them to make sure they also approve of the work being archived and made available on the WFC. WFRN asks for your permission to display your work on the Internet. If another party (such as an academic publisher or organization) owns the copyright, you need to secure their permission for the inclusion of the full-text version on the WFC. Go here for WFC Copyright Guidelines. You may have transferred your copyright to your publisher as part of the publication process. You should check your publisher's copyright policy to determine allowable submissions to a non-profit, subject matter repository. The SHERPA website provides publisher copyright policies.

All authors must sign a submission agreement as part of the submission process to confirm that posting their work to the WFC does not infringe on any copyright laws. Go here for WFC Copyright Guidelines.