Families, Employers and the Community Benefit from High Quality Child Care: Ten Emerging Workplace Support Options (2002)

Moore, C. (2002, Winter). Families, employers and the community benefit from high quality child care: Ten emerging workplace support options. Interaction: A Quarterly Publication Retrieved March 15, 2007, from http://www.worklifeharmony.ca/include/get.php?nodeid=57

“Working parents with consistent high-quality care are more productive and more committed workers. So what are employers doing to support working parents and providing assistance in securing high-quality care? Historically, employers’ support of employees’ child care needs has varied widely. Though many organizations recognize the importance and value in supporting child care, and have expressed an interest in work-related child care, they often don’t know the extent of their options. In fact, there are many ways employers can support their employees address childcare needs.” This article outlines ten employer-supported options.

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