Explore the Work and Family Commons

There are two ways to explore materials in the WFC: Search  and Browse.


Go here to Search or use the Search function (in the top right corner of every page) to search all of the content available on the WFRN website including:

  1. Work and Family Commons
  2. News Feed
  3. Calendar
  4. Sloan Network Archive

Enter your keywords in the Search Box and a list of items will be displayed.  For WFC entries, you will see the title(s) of the document and fields such as, Author, Topic, Year and Type, if available. Clicking on the title will take you to a page with the abstract and/or citation or the link to download the full-text document, if available. In some cases, both a legacy citation from the Sloan Work and Family Research Network Literature Database and a more recently uploaded full-text document may be listed.

You can also narrow your search further using the filters available on the left sidebar of the Search results page including by author, date, discipline, document type, title and topic.


Go here to Browse. Browsing is a good way to find documents when you don’t have a specific idea of what information you want. There are four options for browsing content

Click on a category to browse and you will be given a list of documents in the repository, if available. To access an item, simply click on it.

About Documents in the WFC

All materials in this repository are copyrighted by the individual authors or used with permission and users must observe the right of the author(s) or publishers to be acknowledged.

Documents available from WFC may not be used in any commercial endeavor in any form without written permission from the copyright holder(s).