History of the Early Career Program

Early Career Program - History & Participants

In 2005, the directors of the Sloan Centers on Working Families discussed the challenges that their doctoral students experience as they transition from their Ph.D. granting institutions into their entry level jobs (most commonly as assistant professors).  Their concern was that their former students reported feeling isolated and missed the support that was extended through the Sloan Centers.  In identifying this concern, the center directors considered strategies for extending support to their graduates to maximize the career prospects of the next generation of work-family scholars, and thereby help secure the future of work and family scholarship.

In response, the Sloan Foundation funded an initiative called "The Early Career Work and Family Scholars Program" to identify promising academics who had recently received their doctorates and to integrate them into a wider community of work and family scholars. As of its 2015-2016 cohort, this program, now known as the Early Career Work and Family Fellowship Program and funded by the WFRN, has provided support to 80 newer Ph.D. recipients, many of whom have now moved on from their "early career" stage to become recognized leaders in the work and family community.  Participants in the current and previous cohorts are listed below, and the application form used for the most recent cohort (2015-2016) can be viewed here.

More information about the program is available here, and questions can be addressed to program director, Stephen Sweet.


Cohort of Early Career Scholars 2015-2016

Christine Bataille, Ithaca College
Siwei Cheng, University of California, Los Angeles
Patricia Dahm, California Polytechnic State University
Caitlin Demsky, Oakland University
Erin Eatough, Baruch College and Graduate Center, CUNY
Jennifer Greenfield, University of Denver
Hsinyi Hsiao, University of Southern California
Ryan Johnson, Ohio University
Zarrina Juraqulova, Denison University
Jack Lam, University of Queensland
Soomi Lee, Pennsylvania State University
Carrie Oelberger, University of Minnesota
David Pedulla, University of Texas at Austin
Matthew Piszczek, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Marisa Young, McMaster University

Previous Cohorts of Early Career Scholars

Early Career Scholars 2013-2014

Erin Cech, Rice University
Eunae Cho, The University at Albany, State University of New York
Christina Costa, Boston College
Sue Epstein, SUNY Empire State College
Lena Hipp, WZB Social Science Research Center Berlin
Sibyl Kleiner, University of Texas at Dallas
Kendra Knight, DePaul University
Lauren Murphy, Harvard School of Public Health
Young Ah Park, Kansas State University
Sarah Riforgiate, Kansas State University
Jessi Streib, Duke University
Uthpala Senarathne Tennakoon, Mount Royal University
Lindsey Trimble, Stanford University
Shellae Versey, Rutgers University
Amy Way, Villanova University

Early Career Scholars 2011-2012

Carrie Alexandrowicz Shandra, Stony Brook University

Deirdre Anderson, Cranfield University

Bhavani Arabandi, Ithaca College
Medora Barnes, John Carroll University

Stacye Blount, Fayetteville State University
Erynn Masi de Casanova, University of Cincinnati
Uracha Chatrakul Na Ayudhya, Middlesex University Business School
Sarah Damaske, Pennsylvania State University
Gwen Daverth, Manchester Business School
Jessica Hardie, Pennsylvania State University

Margo Hilbrecht, University of Guelph
Arielle Kuperberg, University of North Carolina–Greensboro

Pamela Lirio, EDHEC Business School
Whitney Morgan, University of Houston–Downtown

Elizabeth Poposki, Indiana University, Purdue University, Indianapolis

Jessica Rolston, University of Colorado at Boulder, Pikes Peak Community College
Leah Ruppanner, University of Hawaii, Hilo
Lisa Stewart, California State University, Monterey Bay
Ana Villalobos, Brandeis University
Marci Ybarra, University of Chicago

Early Careers Scholars 2008-2009

Jeanine Andreassi, Sacred Heart University
Jessica Bagger, California State University
Chardie Baird, Kansas State University
Heidi Berggren, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Stephanie Byrd, Christopher Newport University

Jocelyn DeHaas, Eastern Washington University
Anna Gassman-Pines, Duke University

Rebecca Glauber, University of New Hampshire
Alysa Lambert, Moravian College

Michele Lee Kozimor-King, Elizabethtown College
Russel Matthews, Louisiana State University
Christine McKenna, Emmanuel College
Gretchen Webber, Middle Tennessee State University
Matthew Weinshenker, Fordham University
Sarah Winslow-Bowe, Clemson University

Early Careers Scholars 2007-2008

Kristin Celello, City University of New York

Shannon Davis , George Mason University

Brian Hoey, Marshall University

Ann Huffman, Northern Arizona University
Kathryn Hynes, Pennsylvania State University

Mila Lazarova, Simon Fraser University
Krista Lynn Minnotte, University of North Dakota

Christopher Morett, Fordham University
Lori Muse, University of California - Fullerton
Debra Osnowitz, Clark University
Jennifer Romich, University of Washington
Margaret Usdansky, Syracuse University

Monique Valcour, Boston College
Lori Wadsworth, Brigham Young University
Peng Wang, Miami University