Phased Retirement

Phased Retirement

Compiled by Erin Donohue

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Robert Hutchens, Ph.D.

Statutes by Theme: Phased Retirement (2009)

The Work and Family Statutes by Theme are presented primarily for state policy makers to help provide an overview of the laws that have been passed in various states that are relevant to work and family issues.

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A Sloan Network Fact Sheet on Phased Retirement (2007)

The Sloan Work and Family Research Network has prepared Fact Sheets which provide statistical answers to some important questions about work-family and work/life issues.

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Policy Mini-Brief Series, 2009, Issue 07 - Phased Retirement

By Andrew Kang, JD and Julie Weber, JD

The Sloan Work and Family Research Network has created a series of publications called the Policy Mini-Brief Series.  These publications are shorter, complimentary briefs to the Policy Briefing Series, providing state legislators and their staff with a one page summary of work-family policy issues.

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Retiring Boomers Prompt Increased Employer Interest in Phased Retirement Programs, According to Hewitt Survey (2008)

Hewitt Associates. (2008, July 30). Retiring Boomers prompt increased employer interest in phased retirement programs, according to Hewitt survey. [Press release]. Retrieved from

This press release from Hewitt Associates details the results of a survey of 140 mid-size and large employers on phased retirement and the ways in which companies foresee using such programs in the future.

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The State of Phased Retirement: Facts, Figures, and Policies (2007)

Sheaks, C. (2007). The state of phased retirement: Facts, figures, and policies. Generations, 31(1)57-62.

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Effective Workplace Series (EWS), 2006 (Updated 2008), Issue 5: Phased Retirement

By Judi Casey, MSW

The Effective Workplace Series (EWS) was designed to provide a summary of the Sloan Network's topic pages.

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IRS Issues Final Regulations Relating to Phased Retirement (2007)

Deloitte’s ( ) June 11, 2007 issue of the Washington Bulletin featured this overview of the IRS’s “final regulations in making in-service distributions from defined benefit pension plans.”

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Phased Retirement: Problems and Prospects (2007)

This Issue in Brief by Robert Hutchens of Cornell University is from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. It discusses the potential benefits of phased retirement, the extent of phased retirement in modern workplaces, and potential problems employers might face when arranging phased retirements. Published in February, 2007.

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Phased Retirement: Who Opts for It and Toward What End? (2005)

AARP.  (2005).  Phased Retirement: Who opts for it and toward what end?  Washington, DC: Author.  

A desire for continued employment by older individuals is well documented; however, it does not necessarily equate to a wish to work full time. Some employees are able to modify full-time status in some fashion in order to “phase down” their career employment as they approach full retirement. This phenomenon has not yet been extensively studied, but it may become increasingly common and important as the workforce continues to age.

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