Gender and Use of Workplace Policies

Time off for Good Behavior

Interviewer: James Michael Tyler

Interviewee:  Mary Lou Quinlan

Mary Lou Quinlan, the author of Time Off For Good Behavior, explores with James Michael Tyler, why women work so hard and don't give themselves a break and she encourages them to take one.

Women in the Workplace

Interviewer: Ray Suarez

Interviewees: Ellen Fagenson, Ellen Bravo, and Sheila Wellington

Talk of the Nation, October 8, 1997.  The gender balance of the US workforce has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Women now constitute more than 40 percent of American workers -- up from 38 percent a generation ago. And the number of women in management and executive positions keeps growing. This trend has changed women's identities and in turn, women have changed the nature and structure of the workplace.

Working Fathers

Interviewer: Melinda Penkava

Interviewee: James Levine

Talk of the Nation, June 12, 1997.  Balancing work and family have traditionally been seen as women's problems, but more and more men want the extra time to spend with their families. Creating a father-friendly workplace is a challenge that is being met by a growing number of businesses. Supporters of programs that give dads time away from the office think we have a workforce full of men who are too tense - allowing them more time at home will benefit the quality of their job performances. Join host Melinda Penkava for a discussion about fathers juggling their professional and personal lives.  

An Interview with Marcia Brumit Kropf

Interviewer: Judi Casey

Interviewee: Marcia Brumit Kropf

Judi Casey (formerly of the New England Work & Family Association, currently of the Sloan Network) interviews Marcia Brumit Kropf, Ph.D. (formerly of Catalyst, currently of Girls, Inc.) about the work and research being done at Catalyst, an organization that works with business to advance women.

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