Part-Time Work


Compiled by Sandee Tisdale

Topic Page Advisor:
Chris Tilly, Ph.D.

Part-time work is defined as working between 1 and 34 hours per week. A small percentage of the total workforce works part-time--about 10% of all professionals. Some people want part-time work options to better balance their work and their personal life. While part-time work options help some employees, they can have negative consequences for others. Sometimes, part-time jobs can be an individual’s only option, even though they need and want to work full-time. BLS data show that in 2006, most people who usually worked part time did so for personal reasons, such as childcare, school, or retirement from a full-time job. Schedules of these part-timers varied, but they worked about 21 hours per week on average.

June 2009