Child Care: employer-sponsored, before and after school care, prevalence (2003)


According to a 2003 Work/Life Benefits report by Hewitt Associates, 3% of employers offer before and after school care (either on-site or through the community). (Hewitt Associates, 2003, p. 4)


Hewitt Associates (2003). SpecSummary: United States salaried work/life benefits, 2003-2004. Lincolnshire, IL: Author.


“During the last five years, there has been continued growth in the number of employers offering programs and policies that help employees better juggle their lives at work and outside of work. Employers have realized these work/life programs are key in attracting, motivating and retaining the best employees. In addition, by taking advantage of work/life initiatives, employees can better manage their life responsibilities and outside interests, and as a result, can be more focused and productive at work. We continue to see our employers expanding and offering new work/life programs even in light of recent economic conditions….What type of programs are most commonly offered? To find out, Hewitt has collected data on work/life benefit plans for salaried employees of 975 major U.S. employers. Data is based on plan-by-plan specifications included in the 2003-2004 Hewitt Associates SpecBook.”