Afterschool Care: self-care, prevalence, unsupervised time (2006)


"Child's time spent unsupervised averaged between 0 and 30 hours per week, but the majority of the target children (78.5%) spent no time unsupervised after school" (Barnett & Gareis, 2006, p. 1390).


Barnett, R., & Gareis, K. (2006). Antecedents and correlates of parental after-school concern: Exploring a newly identified work-family stressor. American Behavioral Scientist, 49(10), 1382-1399.


"In this analysis, we estimate these direct and indirect relationships in a series of regression analyses with a sample of 243 employed parents who have at least one school-age child and who work at a Fortune 500 financial services institution" (p. 1383).