Jarvis, Helen

Helen Jarvis has been a full time permanent lecturer in human geography at the University of Newcastle since 1998. She was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2006. Helen takes as the main themes of her research the interlinkages between urban settlement patterns and labour market processes, with particular reference to changing household employment structures especially the rise of the dual earner household.  Current research include projects on ‘school choice’ ‘the school run’ ‘alternative living space’ and ‘time-space and life-course’.  She has published several books including: The Secret Life of Cities: The Social Reproduction of Everyday Life (Pearson: 2001, with Andy Pratt and Peter Wu);  Work/Life City Limits: Comparative Household Perspectives (Palgrave 2005); Cities and Gender (Routledge 2008 forthcoming).

Helen gained her doctorate from the London School of Economics in 1997. In 1999 she was awarded a prestigious fellowship which paid her full salary and research costs for three years.  During this period she spent several months in the USA as visiting scholar both at the University of Washington (in Seattle) and the University of California at Berkeley.Expertise: Dual Earner Families; Flexible Work Schedules; Overwork/ Workload; Community, Work and Family; Work-Family Balance; Work-Family Spillover; Time-Space Co-ordination (uneven geographies of home-work reconciliation);  Everyday infrastructures of daily life;  School choice/ school hours

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