Jacobs, Jerry

Jerry Jacobs is a Merriam Term Professor in the Sociology Department at the University of Pennsylvania. His research has focused on a number of aspects of women's employment, including authority, earnings, working conditions, part-time work, and entry into male-dominated occupations.

Jacobs’ most recent works include “Detours on the Road to Equality: Women, Work and Higher Education” (Winter 2003). Contexts, 2(1):32-41; “Welfare Reform and Enrollment in Postsecondary Education” (March 2003). The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.586: 194-217, (with Sarah Winslow); and “Globalization, Work Hours and the Care Deficit Among Stock Brokers” (February 2003). Gender and Society, 17:230-249, (with Mary Blair-Loy).


University of Pennsylvania- Department of Sociology
3718 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6299
United States